Online spaces involving Macquarie GeoPlan researchers

A collection of some of the current online spaces researchers within the Department of Geography and Planning are working in, on and through:

Words in Place : A digital cartography of Australian Writers and Writing in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne – Donna Houston is collaborating on this project with  Dr Toby Davidson (Dept of English MQ), project mentor Prof John Potts, website designer Dr Stephen Collins, field researcher Dr Ian Collinson (Dept of Music, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies) and research assistant Dr Michael Austin (screenshot of the map from the project shown above).

Understanding cycling in Sydney – Nicole McNamara is doing PhD research on cycling practices and is inviting participants to get involved and share their experiences here.

Welcome to my Country: a Facebook page involving Sandie Suchet-Pearson and Kate Lloyd (both Macquarie University) that celebrates an award winning collaboration between Bawaka Country, Yolŋu elders, educators & academics from University of Newcastle.

Doing a Co-tutelle PhD…what the? by Marnie Graham, published on The Thesis Whisperer’s blog. Marnie completed her PhD as a student working through two universities (Macquarie and Stockholm) and this blog post shares reflections, co-authored by her and her primary co-supervisors, on the good and bad aspects of such a complex study mode. The blog post is adapted from this Situated Ecologies website, ‘a platform for research projects and activities that relate to situated and contested ecologies’.

Civic Media Project – Jess McLean and Soph Maalsen contributed a case study to this project, organised/edited by Eric Gordon and Paul Mihailidis, on Destroy the Joint and feminist online activism From #destroythejoint to far reaching digital activism. The Civic Media Project is ‘a collection of short case studies from scholars and practitioners from all over the world that range from the descriptive to the analytical, from the single tool to the national program, from the enthusiastic to the critical. What binds them together is not a particular technology or domain (i.e. government or social movements), but rather the intentionality of achieving a common good.’


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