Leveraging implicit aspects of expert practice during design & delivery of urban built environments

On Tuesday 8 March, PhD candidate Kate McCauley, from the Department of Geography and Planning at Macquarie University, will present a seminar on her research to date. All welcome.

Abstract : Good quality urban outcomes (i.e. sustainable, liveable and green) are commonly sought but quite often what is built is problematic in terms of design and equity. The design and delivery of good urban built environments is being increasingly challenged by volatile social, environmental and economic conditions.

Collective manifestations such as rapid urbanisation and densification, climate change and environmental degradation are, in many ways, reshaping the property development game by increasing volatility and reducing predictability of implications. This is bringing professional capacities for problem‐solving, innovation and creativity to the fore as critical aspects of skillful practice.

In this seminar, I will provide an update on my PhD research (project description, methods and tentative preliminary results) which seeks to better understand these (and other) aspects of expert development practice, and to elicit and distil these understandings into a form which may enable others to embody such skills.

When: Tuesday 8 March, 2016. 12–1pm

Location: W6A 107 – Faculty of Arts Seminar Room

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.23.45 pm

About Kate McCauley’s research: Kate’s research centres on enhancing creativity and innovation in urban planning and property development practice. This interest was sparked having experienced complexities of urban development activity first-hand while leading the design and delivery of a number of large mixed-use developments in Australia. Kate’s current research focus (PhD) crosses disciplines of property development, urban geography and psychotherapy, and pivots from a broader agenda which is to enable development practitioners to deliver more just and life-sensitive urban outcomes.


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