Risking outdoor play in more-than-human cities

On Tuesday 15th March, PhD candidate Tasmin Dilworth will present a seminar on ‘Risking outdoor play in more-than-human cities: The impacts of risk constructions on children’s play in bush and beach spaces in Sydney’. All welcome!


Outdoor play in bush and beach spaces is a vital means through which Australian children engage with the complicated and often fraught intimacies of more-than-human cities and grapple with the possibilities of living in entangled multi-species worlds. However, children in many wealthy urbanised countries in the ‘Minority World’, including Australia, are spending significantly less time playing outdoors than previous generations.

An increasing preoccupation with risk is often identified as one of the key reasons for the changing geography and ecology of Australian childhoods. In this seminar I will outline my proposed research project examining how constructions of ‘risk’ are shaping children’s play experiences in bush and beach spaces during middle childhood in Sydney.

tasmin 2


Tasmin is a first year PhD student in the Department of Geography and Planning at Macquarie University. Her previous research has explored discourses surrounding in vitro meat and ethical eating practices in Australia. She is interested in understanding how we might develop more equitable. sustainable and playful ways of engaging with those non-humans with whom we share our cities and our lives.

When: 12-1pm Tuesday 15th March

Where: C5C 209, Macquarie University



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