Seminar: ‘Helping wetlands adapt to climate change’ presented by Prof Neil Saintilan

When: 12–1pm, Friday 29th April

Where: Macquarie University, building E3A room 244


Changes in atmospheric CO2, temperature, and hydrology associated with global warming is already exerting a profound impact on the structure and distribution of wetlands. Current impacts and adaptation strategies are explored in two different geographic settings: the semi-arid wetlands of the Murray Darling Basin, and the tidal wetlands of the SE Australian coastline. Management options associated with government investment in environmental water are reviewed, including the revision of long-term environmental watering plans, water trading between catchments, on-ground works and measures and the move towards optimisation of operational settings. On the coast, the challenge of sea-level rise is explored with reference to tidal re-instatement and the emerging interest in Blue Carbon.

About Prof Saintilan:

Prior to his appointment at Macquarie University, Professor Neil Saintilan was theme leader for Water and Wetlands in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, with responsibility for the monitoring, evaluation and improvement in the management of environmental water in NSW. He is a member of the UNEP International Blue Carbon Working Group and a Fellow of the Society of Wetland Scientists.



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