Seminar: ‘Urban food security in the shadow of hierarchy’ Liz Morgan

Whose business is food security in our neoliberal world, in which the market is the supposed arbiter of equality? Should governments even have a presence? The food system, like the market, “sounds like a natural system that might bear upon us equally, like gravity or atmospheric pressure. But it is fraught with power relations” (Monbiot, 2016). Food systems – their efficiencies and failings – are potent and dynamic symbols of the broader functioning of societies and the contestations therein. Critiquing local governments’ role in food security in Western Sydney reveals ever-present power relations lurking in the shadows: the heavy hand of state and federal governments steer the governance of food security in local government jurisdictions.

When and where:  12–1pm | Tuesday 17th May | W6A 107



Liz Morgan is in the final year of her PhD on local government and food security in Western Sydney. She is a passionate advocate for food justice, and has served on the management committee of the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance. She is the co-author of a chapter on the Alliance, “Hungry for Change: the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance”, in Food Security in Australia: Challenges and Prospects for the Future (2013).


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