Supporting transformative learning and change for sustainability in the workplace

On Thursday 2nd June, Jeremy Mah will be presenting for his PhD confirmation. All welcome.


The world faces a confluence of social and environmental threats that will require individuals, organisations and society to transition to more sustainable ways of living, being and acting. This constitutes a challenge that will require individuals enabling this transition with the capacity to live and work with greater consciousness, creativity and compassion, and to sustain their passion and care for creating meaningful change amidst increasing complexity and uncertainty. This in turn calls for a paradigmatic shift in the way researchers and practitioners explore more transformative, socially engaged and future oriented models of teaching and learning.  Specifically, more innovative, whole-person and contextually situated approaches to learning that can support sustainability practitioners to not only be more effective but to become more resilient within the organisations and systems they seek to transform. As such, the aim of my research is to explore the question: How might a transformative approach to coaching support sustainability practitioners to be more effective and resilient in the workplace?

Details: Thursday 2 June 2016
Time: 12–1pm
Location: W6A room 127 – Australian History Museum Seminar Room Macquarie University

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