Seminar: ‘Exploring the Gendered Insecurities of Climate Migrants: A Case Study from Dhaka, Bangladesh’ – Sufia Khanom

On Friday 8th July, Sufia Khanom will be presenting an outline of her PhD research. All welcome.

Seminar Outline

In terms of climate migration, Bangladesh has a high degree of vulnerability due to its population density and overwhelming dependency on natural resources for livelihoods. A minor change in environmental phenomena can cause significant impacts on the population. Dhaka, my study site, is expected to receive a huge influx of migrants from the coastal areas and the northern parts of the country. I will present the outline of my proposed research in this seminar by analysing how climate migrants could be a security concern for Dhaka, Bangladesh and how the insecurity differs for men and women as migrants. A conceptual framework will be presented that identifies the interactions among the factors of insecurity, gender relations and the coping strategies of migrants. The presentation will explore the possible pathways for enhancing human security by addressing the gendered elements of insecurity for migrants as migration has been considered as an option for climate change adaptation.

When and where:  12–1pm | Friday 8th July | W6A 107



Sufia Khanom is a first year PhD student in the Department of Geography and Planning at Macquarie University. Her previous research includes a comparative study on forest livelihood insecurity between Thai and Karen Women in Thai- Myanmar border, and women’s contributions to livelihood under stressed environmental conditions in South-West Bangladesh. She is passionate about gender issues and endeavours to explore how gender shapes/affects the resource management within the context of climate change.


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