Seminar: ‘Urgency in the Anthropocene’ – Dr Siri Veland

NEW DATE AND TIME: Friday 22nd July, 1-2pm, Room W6A107

Dr Siri Veland is visiting the Department of Geography and Planning this week. On Friday 22nd July she will be presenting a seminar on ‘Urgency in the Anthropocene’. All are welcome.


The urgent need to act on climate-related hazards does not present itself passively to the attention of research and policy. The sense of emergency results from the temporal and spatial compression of story-lines about who we are and where we belong, brought about as crises bring their ability to sustain identity and belonging to a grinding halt. In the path onward, emergencies often prove transformative tipping points, weaving new social and material relations from existing alternatives. Calls for an immediate end to fossil fuel exploration, for climate intervention, or indeed to halt immigration, are urgencies rendered from a compression of development narratives now seemingly incapable of envisioning a safe way forward. To date, neoliberal and eco-modern Anthropocene narratives are alone in storying a safe path forward, offering hopeful narratives that subvert decades of social and environmental injustices. Asking how to story ‘safe’ alternatives that weave into just material outcomes, this talk invites thinking about how stories of coexistence and the commons can renew attention to agencies and timelines in an anthropogenic transition. The talk draws on examples from research on navigating rapid changes in the Arctic and in West Arnhem.

When and where:  1–2pm | Friday 22nd July | W6A 107


Siri Veland.png

Dr Siri Veland is an Assistant Professor at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) at Brown University. Siri’s research explores narratives, discourses and scales that shape decision-making processes, and builds on policy sciences, political ecology and Indigenous research in Australia. She is an alumnus of the Department of Environment and Geography, Macquarie University where she gained her PhD in 2012.


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