Seminar ‘Cycling temporalities: differing notions of time in cycling practices’ – Nicole McNamara

Come and join us on Tuesday, 13th September, for a seminar by Nicole McNamara (PhD Candidate in Geography and Planning at Macquarie) talking on ‘Cycling temporalities: differing notions of time in cycling practices’. All are welcome.


Nicole seminar 2This presentation draws on preliminary explorations of temporalities from my PhD findings. I aim to build on recent mobilities work that positions walking and other transport modes as having multiple temporalities. Cycling disrupts notions of clock-time, especially when considering differing cycling practices. Specific ideas exist about how cities work, whether through formal planning processes, or our understanding of urban inhabitants as rational creatures. In transport planning there is a perception that everything works to a time-frame or time-table, which perpetuates this idea that we sit back and formulate ideas that we then go out and implement through action. But talking to cyclists about their cycling practices, and writing about cycling practices, reveals that ideas can form and emerge through the action itself. This challenges conceptions of linear time.

When and where: 12–1pm | Tuesday 13th September | W6A 107


Nicole seminar 1Nicole McNamara is in the final year of her PhD on cycling practices in Sydney and is a keen cyclist. Her PhD research focuses on the way people cycle in Sydney and aims to gain a detailed understanding of cycling practices and the experience of cycling. Nicole obtained an MPhil in Planning and Urban Development from UNSW in 2013 and a BA with Honours in Human Geography from USYD in 2010. Her MPhil research explored a gender perspective of cycling infrastructure and use in Sydney. Nicole has also worked at the City Futures Research Centre researching housing, social cohesion and wellbeing, and enabling built environments.


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