Seminar: ‘Photo-response: approaching participatory photography as a more-than-human research method’ – Ashraful Alam

Please come and join us on Tuesday, 15th November, for a seminar by Ashraful Alam (PhD Candidate in Geography and Planning at Macquarie). Ash will be talking on ‘Photo-response: approaching participatory photography as a more-than-human research method’. All are welcome.


There is growing interest in ‘more-than-human’ influences on places and practices. However, while the theoretical thinking in this field is well developed, methodology and methods lag behind. Borrowing insights from feminist geographers’ articulation of ‘response’ we explore how participatory photography can be used to examine more-than-human processes through a case study of marginal home-making in Khulna City in Bangladesh. Our photo-response method focuses on performances of seeing, telling and being together to enhance the co-production of ‘knowledges’. We conclude that analysing three stages of ‘response’ within participatory photography provides new insights for conducting research in, with and as more-than-human worlds.

When and where: 1 – 1.40pm | Tuesday 15th November | W3A 328



Ashraful Alam is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Planning. His work falls under the broad umbrella of political ecology in urban built environment in the cities of global south. He is particularly interested in the everyday spatial practices of ordinary citizens in transitional circumstances triggered by disasters and displacement. His past qualifications include the Bachelor of Architecture from Bangladesh and Master of Science in Urban Planning from the University of Hong Kong.


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