Seminar: ‘Berths for the boom – Planning for cruise ship infrastructure in South East Queensland’ Dr Chris Beer

Please come along to Dr Chris Beer’s seminar – all welcome!

When: Tuesday 30 May, 12-1pm.

Where: Building E8A, Tutorial Room 188

Abstract: Australasian ports have had a notable role in the continuing global boom of cruise tourism.  An increasing number of cruise ship visits and growth in the size of ships has meant that new infrastructure has been mooted in many places.  Against this background, this seminar examines planning for new cruise facilities in one of Australia’s major tourism hubs – South East Queensland (SEQ). After briefly analysing the general characteristics of the local cruise sector and the dynamics of cruise infrastructure planning around the world, its focus turns to two continuing SEQ processes – the planned development of new facilities for Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Each process highlights several broader planning issues facing communities, including the economic impacts of new cruise facilities and competing recreational and environmental values.  The paper concludes that while the cruise industry has clearly developed products with widespread appeal, community views towards the development of cruise facilities can be highly contingent on the littoral space involved and scope for benefit realisation.

Bio: Dr Chris Beer has published articles in journals including Urban Policy and Research, Australian Planner, Political Geography, and Australian Geographer on many topical planning issues including the development of national capital cities, food security, the night-time economy, the development of major cultural institutions and events, and infrastructure for religious communities.  Since completing his PhD at the Australian National University, Dr Beer has been professionally involved with a number of major urban renewal, infrastructure, and greenfield development projects in the ACT and NSW



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