Seminar: An all-ecology approach to understanding an urban planning process in Sweden – nature and culture – Dr Wiktoria Glad, Tues 27th June 2017

Please join us for Dr Wiktoria Glad’s seminar tomorrow. 12-1pm, room E7B 264 at Macquarie.

Abstract: Sweden is at present undergoing one of the fastest urbanisation processes in Europe. The demand for housing in cities and towns is high. At the same time urban planning processes are perceived as slow and as slowed-down by different mandatory investigations and opportunities for stakeholders and the public to scrutinise the plans. This research shows how a slow process opened up for ideas that made new combinations and co-existence possible. An all-ecology approach based on ideas by Torsten Hägerstrand shows how culture and nature can be understood in terms of local togetherness, collateral processes and co-existence.

wiktoriagladBio: Dr Wiktoria Glad is senior lecturer at the Department of thematic studies – Technology and social change at Linköping University, Sweden. Her research interests have to do with the relations between everyday life, technology, planning and sustainability from the perspectives of users and professionals. The recent research projects she has been involved in have focused on the built environment, energy systems and design.




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