Seminar: Room Sharing: A solution or an exacerbation to rental housing affordability crisis in Sydney? Zahra Nasreen

Please come along to Zahra Nasreen’s PhD confirmation seminar Tuesday 4th July, room 107 building W6A, 2-3pm.


In Sydney, rental housing affordability and inadequate security of tenure are major issues for low-to-middle income households. Shared housing via online accommodation listings has emerged as a popular and affordable housing choice for many Sydneysiders. Research aimed at gauging the impact of shared housing, particularly room sharing on occupants and wider-market rental housing is sparse. In this seminar I will outline my PhD project using a mixed-method approach for achieving the research objectives 1) to estimate the geography, characteristics and impacts of shared rooms advertised on an online listings website; 2) to assess the socio-spatial and economic challenges faced by low-income tenants in the private rental market; and, 3) to examine the who, why and how of living in shared rooms.



Bio: Zahra Nasreen is an Urban Planner with diverse experience in affordable housing schemes, land use planning, database mapping and the solid waste management sector. Studying conflicts of planning policies and practices with local communities’ needs has always been her aspiration. Her previous research includes impact assessment of Regularisation and Development Program for squatter settlements, and Public Private Partnership Program for solid waste management services in Lahore, Pakistan.



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